Weighbridges & Truck Scales For Sale

Made to Order – Built to Last.

As thousands of satisfied customers can testify, AccuWeigh designs, manufactures and services a great range of Australian-made bespoke weighbridges and truck scales to suit all sites and vehicle weighing applications, including:

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Pit Weighbridges

AccuWeigh Semi-pit Weighbridge

Ideal for sites with restricted space or shared traffic, full pit and semi-pit weighbridges are perfect for vehicles that need to be weighed whilst be…

Above Ground Weighbridges

AccuWeigh Above Ground Weighbridge

Relatively cost-effective and easy to install, above ground (or surface-mounted) weighbridges are the most commonly installed type of weighbridge in A…

Axle Weighers & Truck Axle Scales

AccuWeigh Axle Weigher with truck prime mover

AccuWeigh’s reliable, robust axle weighers prevent axle overloading and total load infringements.

Low Profile Axle Weighers

AccuWeigh Low Profile Axel Weigher (LPAX)

An effective, economical solution to meet CoR requirements.

Weigh-In-Motion Systems

AccuWeigh Weigh-in-Motion Weighbridge in action

Accurate dynamic axle weighing system.

Wheel Weigh Pads

Wheel Weigh Pad In Use

AccuWeigh is the Australian agent for the Intercomp range of wheel weigh pads, which are also known as axle weigh or wheel pad scales.

Portable Weighbridges

AccuQWM Test-Rig on Long Steel Deck

Designed for operations on the move.

Rail Weighbridges

AccuWeigh Rail Weighbridge

Meticulously designed by our in-house engineers, AccuWeigh’s durable rail weighbridges are purpose built to suit all Australian Standard rail gauges…