Photo-Electric Cells For Weighbridges & Truck Scales

Photo-electric cells are a switch that is tripped when a vehicle cuts the beam of the cell and can alert operators to the incorrect proximity of a vehicle on site.

Photo-Electric Cells For Weighbridges & Truck Scales2018-11-12T18:21:33+00:00

Stay one step ahead of vehicle arrivals using photo-electric cells that detect vehicles on arrival at your weighbridge. Photo-electric cells are particularly useful for streamlining the operations of sites with unmanned, automatic weighbridges, and ensuring data accuracy at multiple-deck weighbridges by confirming correct axle positioning.

Modern trip-wire technology identifies new vehicles that move past cells, triggering alerts to offices or supervisors. This contributes greatly to weighbridge automation, by increasing operational efficiency and decreasing need for permanent weighbridge staff. They’re also powerful devices for slowing down unidentified vehicles, enforcing entry rules and minimising equipment damage.

Multiple-deck weighbridges that employ photo-electric cells enjoy superior data entry and analysis: when the cells are installed each end of a multiple-deck weighbridge, processing is blocked until each vehicle sits completely on top of the weighbridge. It prevents the recording of incomplete data and improves overall processing for better overall results.

All photo-electric cells integrate with Accuweigh’s cutting-edge software packages to tailor unique solutions to power your site better. Photo-electric cells integrate seamlessly with your existing weighbridge accessories and other security measures to start improving your operations straight away.

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