Shipping Container Weighers

Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) legislation mandates accurate weighing of shipping containers as they arrive or leave site, as well as verification of the weight of sea containers before they are loaded onto a ship.

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AccuWeigh Shipping Container Weigher

Shipping container Weighers are typically used for attaining accurate weights of loaded shipping containers for freight purposes. AccuWeigh’s Shipping Container Weighers feature an extra heavy-duty construction to resist heavy knocks and bumps expected in this very demanding weighing application where large forklifts are usually used for manoeuvring the containers on and off the Shipping Container Weigher.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) accepts a range of AccuWeigh’s certified weighing systems (including weighbridges for shipping containers, shipping container scales, pallet weighing scales and bulk weighing systems). And, as a licensed NMI testing company, AccuWeigh is even authorised to test all weighing equipment.

The construction of AccuWeigh’s Shipping Container Weighers is unmatched in the weighing industry with the heavy-duty loadcells fully protected against both overloading and torsional side forces. All loadcell cabling is run in protective conduit. For added versatility, AccuWeigh’s Shipping Container Weighers can be optionally fitted with a heavy metal plate positioned across the main support beams to allow other items to be weighed as on a general purpose platform scale.

Optional fittings such as fork lift bumper stops are also available for added protection against accidental damage caused by external forces such as reversing trucks, etc. Four AccuCell heavy-duty industrial loadcells, each with a 30t capacity, are fitted to the Shipping Container Scales for an overall working capacity of 40t with full trade approval.

Features include:

  • Rugged, durable design that can endure accidental tyre overrun at all points, including the digital display area
  • Aluminium construction that guarantees lightness, as well as the ability to perform in even the harshest conditions
  • Digital electronics provide fast, accurate, easy to read weigh indicator
  • Self-contained composition with the weight display integrated in to the wheel pad
  • Connectivity for up to six wheel weighers, enabling both individual wheel weights and combined axle group weights in a single weighing transaction for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Specially designed non-slip rubber applied to the underside to ensure sound grip on all types of surfaces
  • Rugged, durable design that can endure accidental tyre overrun at all points, including the digital display area
  • A extremely low profile of just 32mm for effortless transportation, handling and truck entry
  • All new digital electronics provide a fast, accurate and easy to read weigh indicator that can be recharged from any 12VDC source or a VAC plug-pack
  • A digital indicator that allows the operator to display the weight of each individual platform or the combined weight of all platforms
  • Wheel pads with RF wireless connection as standard, as well as the ability to recharge the batteries using built-in solar panels