Two Wet Area Scales Supplied to a National Food Processor and Supplier

2015-04-30T14:06:32+00:00 30th April 2015|

A major, national chicken food products supplier has just purchased two A&D Weighing model FS-15Ki wet area scales for one of their farms in the greater Brisbane area. The check-weighing scales have a maximum capacity of 15kg, increments of 5g and are rated to IP 65, enabling them to be washed down regularly after use.


Although these waterproof scales are trade certifiable, this customer is using these scales for non-trade, check-weighing purposes. The FS-15Ki is small, light-weight and versatile with a rechargeable battery pack and are popular for their highly-visible LO, HI, OK comparator function lights on the front face, and a buzzer to assist the process of check-weighing consistent capacities in a production facility.

Constructed of stainless steel and rated at IP 65, these scales are often purchased for food production lines and the like as they can be regularly washed down and are a good fit for sites with high hygiene standards.

AccuWeigh has an extensive range of weighing scales for wet areas and wash-down areas to suit all types of production factories and food processors.

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