SA Butchery Converts a Product Hopper to a Weigh Hopper

2016-02-24T09:00:42+00:00 24th February 2016|

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AccuWeigh’s South Australian branch is currently supplying and installing a weighing system to a product hopper for a large SA butchery. The system comprises HBM RTN weigh modules along with our AccuWeigh IT1000 Digital Weight Indicator and a small remote weight display was supplied for accurate monitoring of the product level inside the hopper.

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The remote weight display was included to provide personnel inside the plant control room to be able to monitor the product level without needing to leave the control room.

AccuWeigh has access to a large number of load cell manufacturers and is therefore able to supply a large range of load cells to suit any application and site. The HBM RTN in particular represents a high-end quality with stainless steel finish (important for food and wash-down areas) and an extremely low-profile meaning that the overall height of the product hopper was not significantly altered.

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