Pallet Scales Hired in Melbourne for Stocktaking Large Parts

2015-08-26T13:09:04+00:00 26th August 2015|

Seven pallet scales were recently hired to a Melbourne vehicle body-building company for their stocktake. Each pallet scale was connected to an FC-i counting scale, allowing this customer to count large and bulky, palletised stock items as well as smaller pieces on the FC-i counting scale itself.


Because the FC-i counting scale had a 20 kilogram maximum capacity and the pallet scale had a 3 tonne maximum capacity, the combination of the two allowed a wide range of items to be counted, irrespective of its shape and size.

AccuWeigh has a surprisingly extensive range of products for hire. Many are off-the-shelf products but we are happy to discuss customer needs and introduce new and custom products to meet these needs if the hire term is satisfactory for all parties. In other words, if we don’t already have a product available for hire, we are still certainly willing to consider hiring that product depending on the customer’s requirements.

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