Understanding the leading causes of weighbridge breakdowns and how to avoid them

2017-08-31T15:27:14+00:00 31st August 2017|

A weighbridge breakdown doesn’t only cost money in terms of repairs – it can also mean costly downtime, loss of production, time delays or penalties, expensive repairs or even fines because of legal breaches. A programme of preventative maintenance, ongoing inspection and regular servicing of both the mechanical and the electrical components is the best preventative measure than an organisation can take to minimise the possibility of a weighbridge breakdown, but let’s look at some of t… Read More

Choosing The Right Site For Your Weighbridge

2017-08-27T15:25:43+00:00 27th August 2017|

Choosing where to install a weighbridge doesn’t only depend on the physical properties of the site such as the slope and the size of the available area – there are many other important factors that need to be taken into consideration such as budget, how long the weighbridge will be required for, what its objectives are, whether it’s for trade purposes in which case there are legal requirements and of course, what type of weighbridge is to be installed. Each site is unique and each has… Read More

Why You Should Regularly Service Your Pallet Scales

2017-08-23T15:24:49+00:00 23rd August 2017|

Pallet scales are widely used in many industries for a range of industrial weighing applications including the receiving and dispatch of goods, bulk loading, weighing trolleys, vats and other heavy containers and counting.   They play a valuable role by simplifying and expediting the production process and are available in many different designs to suit a variety of applications. These pallet scales (or floor scales as they are also sometimes referred to) are often subjected to high-stress, he… Read More

The latest trends in weighing technology and the benefits of weigh-in-motion technology

2017-08-19T15:19:30+00:00 19th August 2017|

Weighing systems play a critical role across the gamut of industry, providing organisations and users with vital information that enables them to improve their yields, meet legislative requirements, enhance the safety of the working environment and boost their operating efficiencies. Anyone involved in logistics, transportation and along the whole supply chain will appreciate the important role that weighing technology plays and how it has evolved to become a key factor in helping organisations… Read More

How often should you service your weighbridge?

2017-08-14T15:16:49+00:00 14th August 2017|

Weighbridges play an important role in many different practical and legal aspects of road transportation, logistics, traffic management, invoicing, operations and profitability (to name but a few), and although their outward appearance is rugged and robust, these highly sensitive pieces of equipment do actually require careful maintenance and servicing to ensure they remain in top working order. But how often should you service your weighbridge? Any easy analogy is to compare a weighbridge with… Read More

Are your shipping containers AMSA compliant?  Five things you need to remember about SOLAS Legislation

2017-08-11T15:10:39+00:00 11th August 2017|

The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) legislation which made container weight verification a condition to load marine cargo onto a ship became legally binding on 1 July 2016. The changes had been advocated for many years and are intended to reduce the number of accidents caused by container overloading, container stack collapses and vessel instability as well as reduce damage to cargo, stress to ships and machinery, environmental impacts and insurance claims.  Verifying container weights prior to v… Read More

Why Chain Of Responsibility Is Good For Your Business

2017-08-07T15:03:24+00:00 7th August 2017|

Chain Of Responsibility (COR) Legislation was developed by the National Transport Commission in consultation with key stakeholders as a framework for improved compliance across the road transport industry. The legislation (under the Heavy Vehicle National Law) aimed to ensure that every party in the transport supply chain – including employers, drivers, receivers of the goods, loading managers and primary producers – shares equal responsibility for ensuring that breaches of the road… Read More

Top Five Advantages Of A Wheel Wash System

2017-08-03T15:01:44+00:00 3rd August 2017|

Wheel wash systems aren’t only for organisations involved in heavy duty industries like building, construction, mining or quarrying.  Any business that operates a fleet of vehicles can benefit from the many advantages that a cost-effective and environmentally friendly wheel wash system can provide. Here are the top five advantages of such a system. Ensures legislative compliance A wheel wash system ensures that trucks and other vehicles don’t contravene any rules regarding track-out of sedi… Read More

Optimise your silo operations with silo scales

2017-07-30T14:57:49+00:00 30th July 2017|

To the layman, the notion of weighing a silo sounds absurd.  How could it be possible to weigh something as huge and heavy as a silo? To those in the know, weighing the contents of silos and tanks is a perfectly normal practice – and for many enterprises and business, it’s an integral part of their everyday operations. There are many different types of silo scales and monitoring equipment on the market but as is the case with any type of calibration or product inspection equipment, it… Read More

How often should scales be calibrated?

2019-05-03T13:04:50+00:00 26th July 2017|

Weighing scales play an important part in many different industrial processes, but over time these precision instruments can become less accurate and less reliable. A number of things can affect the performance of weighing scales such as their workload, their age, how they are used, whether they’re moved from place to place frequently, temperature variations, power surges, dust, humidity and other environmental factors. Measurement is useless without correct calibrated weighing instruments and… Read More

Are You Meeting The EPA Requirements For A Wheel Wash System?

2017-07-22T14:54:23+00:00 22nd July 2017|

Each state in Australia has its own independent Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), but they all have a common objective.  Each one aims to be an effective environmental regulator and an influential authority on environmental impacts. Their mission is to protect, restore and enhance their respective environments. And so when it comes to making sure that pollutants from sites such as building and construction sites don’t find their way onto public roads or waterways, each EPA has strict… Read More

Why You Should Service Your Weighbridge Regularly

2017-07-18T14:53:16+00:00 18th July 2017|

A weighbridge is a capital investment, and like any other asset, it needs to be well looked after if it is to deliver optimum returns. It is also a precision measuring instrument and for it to perform its function accurately, reliably and consistently, it needs to be in peak condition.  But none of this happens by chance – and it certainly isn’t possible without proper maintenance and regular servicing. Surprisingly, not all weighbridge owners are aware of the importance of preventative… Read More

Why Pallet Scales Are Essential In Warehousing

2017-07-14T14:53:09+00:00 14th July 2017|

For any warehousing or logistics operation to run efficiently, safely and cost-effectively, it has to be underpinned by a reliable and accurate system of data collection. Pallet scales (also referred to as floor scales) are an indispensable asset in the warehousing, transport and logistics industries because they eliminate any guesswork or margin for error when it comes to weight calculations and verifications of incoming or outgoing cargo. However, making the right choice of weighing equipment… Read More

Which Weighing System Do I Need When It Comes To Farming?

2017-07-10T14:50:25+00:00 10th July 2017|

Digital technology is becoming increasingly important in the agricultural industry and many farmers have recognised the very valuable role that it plays in helping them to better manage their operations. One area where technology has been a true business enabler for farmers is in the field of weighing systems such as weighbridges, weighing scales and product inspection equipment, which despite their often rugged and remote locations, consistently produce accurate and precise measurements thanks… Read More

The advantages of a driver control station

2017-07-06T14:43:11+00:00 6th July 2017|

Weighbridges play a vital role in a variety of industries from agriculture to mining, logistics to waste management and many businesses would simply not be able to function without this measurement and data collection equipment. However, in tough economic environments where many organisations feel real bottom-line pressure, there should always be scope to purchase systems and services that enable them to reduce costs, simplify workflow and improve efficiencies – and that applies to the way… Read More

How to avoid weighbridge breakdowns

2017-07-02T14:39:47+00:00 2nd July 2017|

A weighbridge plays a vital role in many aspects of road transportation and logistics from operational and compliance perspectives, with accuracy being a key consideration at this critical control point. However, given that many weighbridges are employed in demanding environments and harsh conditions, it is imperative that ongoing efforts are put into ensuring that their performance and reliability aren’t compromised and that breakdowns are avoided, or at least minimised. Let’s take a look a… Read More

Does my business need trade-approved scales?

2017-06-28T14:38:16+00:00 28th June 2017|

By definition, a trade scale is one that is used in ‘determining the consideration in respect of a transaction’ and it is a legal requirement in Australia for any business that sell goods by weight or measure to use verified trade-approved scales or other type of weighing equipment. If you want to know if your business needs trade-approved scales, consider the following questions.  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of them, then you need to invest in trade scales in order to avoid breaking the… Read More

Eight tips on how to choose the right weighbridge

2017-06-24T14:36:52+00:00 24th June 2017|

If you need a weighbridge, it’s worth having a read through the following questions and answers to help you find a solution that’s best suited to your particular situation. What size vehicles need to be weighed? Different types and sizes of weighbridges are designed to accommodate varied vehicle configurations and weigh different payloads. You can generally find a standard system that will meet your needs both in terms of vehicle weights as well as traffic volumes.  However, if necessary, s… Read More

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In A Wheel Wash System

2017-06-20T14:34:49+00:00 20th June 2017|

There are many reasons why a business which operates a fleet of vehicles should invest in a wheel wash system. The most obvious reason is the need for organisations to meet their legal obligations – which could be anything from biosecurity and quarantine requirements to the laws of the various state Environmental Protection Agencies which stipulate that trucks and other vehicles may not pollute public roadways. Industries that are most at risk of vehicles depositing sediment onto public ro… Read More

Why Pallet Scales Are Essential In The Pharmaceutical Industry

2017-06-16T14:33:08+00:00 16th June 2017|

The global pharmaceutical market is worth US$300 billion a year according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and this figure is expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years. It’s not only a growing market, but also a highly competitive one and companies are continually looking for ways to cut costs, improve productivity and boost profitability.  Their manufacturing processes are under continuous scrutiny and process optimisation is a key focus area. The choice of equipment in ph… Read More

Warning!  The Dangers Of Overloading Your Truck

2017-06-12T14:30:49+00:00 12th June 2017|

The key to success for any business is to minimise operating costs whilst maximising profit margins – but at no stage should safety or integrity be compromised. That said – it is surprising how many businesses are tempted to overload their vehicles to increase the payload whilst reducing their fuel or transport costs.   Some businesses even go so far as to modify their vehicles to accommodate greater payloads, such as increasing the size of the tyres and installing anti-sway kits.… Read More

Unattended Weighbridges And Driver Control Stations

2017-06-08T14:25:19+00:00 8th June 2017|

To ensure their ongoing competitiveness, businesses need to continually explore new ways of improving their efficiencies, cutting costs and boosting productivity – and in many instances, that involves restructuring the way that they use their resources and equipment. When it comes to those organisations which operate vehicle weighing equipment, the good news is that technological innovations and software advancements have opened up many new possibilities for cost reductions and improved ef… Read More

Portable wheel wash systems v. fixed wheel wash systems

2017-06-04T14:30:12+00:00 4th June 2017|

Wheel wash systems are essential on any site where trucks can accumulate grease, dirt, soil, sand, gravel, mud and other harmful build-up in their wheels and under the body of the vehicle. This debris needs to be eliminated before the vehicle enters public roads in order to avoid polluting the environment, depositing sediment onto the roads or transporting organic matter into restricted areas – all of which could result in contravention of council and state regulations. Construction projec… Read More

Improving truck safety with weigh-in-motion technology

2017-06-01T14:23:50+00:00 1st June 2017|

There’s no escaping the fact that overloaded trucks pose a serious safety threat to road users. If a truck load exceeds its legally permitted limits, the likelihood of traffic accidents and infrastructural damage is increased. And accidents involving HGVs are likely to have more severe consequences.  And as road safety deteriorates, all road users are under increased and unnecessary risk. These are a few of the reasons why overloaded trucks are unsafe: Overloading leads to vehicle instability… Read More

Buy v Hire – which should you choose when it comes to a new weighbridge?

2017-05-27T14:21:40+00:00 27th May 2017|

Weighbridges are used in diverse range of locations and for a variety of reasons – and the decision whether to hire or buy the equipment isn’t always cut and dried. If you’re considering installing a weighbridge and are unsure of whether hiring or buying will be your best option, you may find the following article a useful guide in arriving at a decision. Let’s look at some of the reasons when hiring a weighbridge is the best option, and then we’ll look at some instances where buyi… Read More

Five factors to consider when buying a new weighbridge

2017-05-22T14:20:01+00:00 22nd May 2017|

Although the concept of a weighbridge is a fairly simple one, the practical aspects of installation and the technology involved are far from straightforward. Weighbridges have to be fit-for-purpose and highly accurate in order to fulfil their function of providing precise measurements over and over again, often in harsh environments. Therefore, when it comes to buying one, it’s vital to ensure that all you comprehensively covered all bases. There are many different types of weighbridge includi… Read More

Mechanical Weighbridge Conversion to Full Electronics

2018-10-25T13:06:22+00:00 18th May 2017|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland Service Department recently travelled to Inverell in northern NSW to convert a mechanical lever weighbridge to fully electronic. The customer performed the most of the preliminary work before we arrived to site, including craning the weighbridge deck and levers out of the pit and refurbishing the steel deck. AccuWeigh’s fully-trained service personnel then fitted the underside of the weighbridge deck with dummy load cells and steel plinths in preparation for craning th… Read More

How Weighbridge Truck Scales Can Optimise Logistics

2017-04-30T13:31:13+00:00 30th April 2017|

Before we investigate the role of weighbridge truck scales in optimising an organisation’s logistics, let’s look at what logistics involves. According to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), logistics can be defined as ‘that part of supply chain management that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to me… Read More

A Buyers’ Guide To Weighbridges

2017-04-18T13:29:06+00:00 18th April 2017|

When you are looking for a weighbridge for sale, it  is important to remember than weighbridges are a significant capital investment and play an integral role in how efficiently a site operates. For this reason, it is worthwhile taking time to understand how they work, what the key features are and the differences between the various designs. There are many different types of weighbridge available, each of which is designed for optimum performance in a specific setting.  Various factors need t… Read More

Essential Features You Need In An Industrial Weighbridge

2017-04-03T05:12:12+00:00 3rd April 2017|

At face value, a weighbridge or truck scale may not stand out as a key contributor to productivity and profitability, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover just what a valuable asset they are. Technological advances have meant that weighbridges have moved way beyond merely serving as weight measurement instruments.  They are now powerful management tools, acting as an important critical control point and providing crucial information about the supply chain. However, not all weighbridge… Read More

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