New Discontinuous Totalising Automatic Weighing Instrument Verified by AccuWeigh

2018-10-25T13:30:22+00:00 22nd October 2015|

AccuWeigh has recently completed the testing and verification process for a new automated weighing and discharge system for a new grain export facility in Bunbury, WA. The system, known as a Discontinuous Totalising Automatic Weighing Instrument (DTAWI) or a DATH weigher, was bought from overseas and shipped to the Bunbury site to enable the facility to load ships accurately.

AccuWeigh’s role was to secure the verification of the DTAWI for the contractor engaged to build the site, to allow the DTAWI to be used for trade purposes. Initially we supplied suitably designed and capacity-rated load cells and a trade approved AccuWeigh IT6000E intelligent weighing terminal to connect with and communicate to the PLC running the loading operation.

Once all equipment was installed and the PLC program written, our next task was to work with the site and the National Measurement Institute to calibrate and then test the operation of the system to confirm that it met the pattern of approval. To complete the process, the instrument was verified by AccuWeigh for trade use.

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