AccuWeigh builds 26m weighbridge station for Brisbane quarry

2019-04-11T09:22:07+00:00 11th April 2019|

AccuWeigh recently manufactured, supplied and installed a new 26m weighbridge at a Brisbane quarry on behalf of an international consulting agency. AccuWeigh is a company that works well with engineering companies and consulting agencies that are charged with managing their clients’ projects. This is because AccuWeigh works to best practice project management methodologies that establish, support and promote quality needs analysis, efficient and effective communication and the delivery of… Read More

Are you using your wheel weigh pads correctly?

2019-02-15T15:14:51+00:00 15th February 2019|

Wheel weigh pads are a reliable and accurate means of measuring heavy goods vehicles axle loads. However, as with any other equipment, users need to know how to use vehicle weigh pads (or axle pads as they are also known) properly in order to obtain the best results.   In order to get optimum results from your vehicle weighing equipment, you need a clear understanding of the procedures that need to be followed and you need to be aware of the advantages and the shortcomings of the technology. O… Read More

A Buyer’s Guide To Load Cells

2016-06-04T07:48:23+00:00 4th June 2016|

Load cells are highly sensitive transducers which are the essential heart of every weighing system. They are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of conditions and there are different types and models to suit the various applications and requirements. Some types of load cell include: weighbridge load cells, on-board truck load cells, double-ended beam load cells, low profile load cells, tank and silo load cells, single point load cells and shear beam low cells. It’s always best… Read More

Smart Axle Weighing in a Remote Location

2016-05-13T23:03:35+00:00 13th May 2016|

AccuWeigh Queensland has recently commissioned one of its LPAX low-profile axle weighing platforms to a quarry in Kenilworth, Queensland. The LPAX is able to weigh vehicle axle groups, one at a time. The digital weight indicator is fitted with purpose-specific software designed to capture and accumulate axle group loads to determine a gross vehicle weight. Because of the remoteness of this quarry, the equipment is powered by a solar panel and, when sunlight is not available, by a high-quality ge… Read More

AccuWeigh Celebrates Valentine’s Day by Donating to Heartkids

2016-02-15T23:21:27+00:00 15th February 2016|

AccuWeigh has just donated $500 to HeartKids, a South Australian and Northern Territory charity dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to families of children with heart disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease. There is very little sadder in life than knowing a child born with or struck down by heart disease and their chance to realise their great potential, which every human being has, jeopardised through no fault of their own.… Read More

New Queensland Craft Beer Brewery uses Weighing for Quality Control

2016-02-01T23:29:52+00:00 1st February 2016|

A new craft beer brewery constructed at the Gold Coast, South-East Queensland, has recently purchased an AccuWeigh, trade-approved pallet scale to weigh kegs of their beer on a pallet. Using the pallet scale they are able to determine how many litres are being supplied to their wholesale customers. Also provided was an A&D Weighing SJ-6000WP bench scale which is rated to IP67, making it ideal for washing down and for use around food and beverages. The 6kg capacity bench scale is being used f… Read More

AccuWeigh Assists with Relief for the Waroona Fires

2016-01-19T23:33:32+00:00 19th January 2016|

AccuWeigh WA has recently donated $561 to Perth’s Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund (LMDRF) for the Waroona & Districts Fires Appeal 2016. The Appeal was initiated because of the destruction and property damage caused by fires burning in WA’s South-West region during and after January 07. The Appeal will provide much needed relief for personal hardship and distress arising from the destruction. It is the Australian way to help neighbours when in need and this donation is ju… Read More

12M Steel Deck Weighbridge Installed for Gold Coast Waste Recycler

2014-11-11T23:40:48+00:00 11th November 2014|

A 12m long by 3m wide full in-ground, steel deck weighbridge was recently installed by AccuWeigh Queensland for a waste recycler’s waste transfer station at Molendinar on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The waste recycler specialises in collecting and recycling construction materials such as timber, aggregate, rubble, asphalt, bricks, electrical wires, cardboard, plasterboard, paper, dirt, plastics, concrete and metals, all materials typically generated by construction, demolition and site cle… Read More

AccuWeigh Keeping the Power On At Millmerran Power

2014-10-01T23:55:11+00:00 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland branch has just completed a general service, weight test and recalibration of a 9m x 8m, 320 tonne capacity weighbridge for Millmerran Power, south west of Toowoomba. The 9m wide weighbridge is actually made up of two 4.5m wide weighbridge decks side by side and was installed by Queensland Weighing Machines Pty Ltd back in 2002 and is used to weigh mine-type vehicles. The weighbridge uses a Rinstrum 5000 digital weigh indicator for each weighbridge deck and also uses… Read More

South QLD Lime Weighbridge Gets Tested

2014-10-01T00:17:47+00:00 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland’s weighbridge test rig unit has recently returned from servicing, testing and calibrating a 60 tonne capacity weighbridge at South Queensland Lime, located 40km west of Warwick. The service visit was conducted as part of a standard weighbridge run throughout that region. The weighbridge was also verified after testing, which ensures the weighbridge can be used for trade purposes, such as buying or selling product based on the weighbridge’s weight readings. Weighb… Read More

Service Agreement Visit to Riverina Stockfeeds

2014-10-01T00:15:19+00:00 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh has just returned from a service agreement visit to Riverina Stockfeeds at Oakey, 160km west of Brisbane. Riverina has a number of 30t capacity container weighers and AccuWeigh used its Queensland branch’s weighbridge test rig unit to perform most of the testing. Scale service agreements are an excellent way for any company to ensure that their weighing equipment continues to function reliably and efficiently. A service agreement is not a contract, where our customers are locked… Read More

Rayment Excavations Loader Weighing System Tested

2014-10-01T00:06:23+00:00 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently travelled to Gladstone, Central Queensland, with its weighbridge test rig unit to provide service work for various customers in the Gladstone area. One of these customers was Rayment Excavations, an earthmoving company located in West Gladstone. Rayment Excavations has a front-end loader fitted with an onboard weighing system ideally suited for end loaders which allows the loader to weigh spoil as it is loaded on to dump trucks. The loader weighing system greatly re… Read More

AccuWeigh’s After Hours Service is First Class

2014-10-01T00:00:04+00:00 1st October 2014|

AccuWeigh’s Queensland weighbridge servicing department was recently called out to NQX Freight’s Eagle Farm site for an urgent service call on their 4m x 3m fully in-ground axle weighbridge. The axle weighbridge was not providing comprehensible weight readings and is an integral part of the site’s freight operations. AccuWeigh responded to this service call promptly on a Friday afternoon and the service work continued on into the evening until this weighbridge was again functio… Read More

Load Cell Constrainer Kits for Custom Shipping Container Weighers

2014-09-22T00:20:37+00:00 22nd September 2014|

AccuWeigh Queensland recently supplied and commissioned two load cell constrainer kits to a customer which used the kits to create two custom shipping container weighers. The load cell constrainer kits use high-capacity canister load cells (those commonly used in weighbridges) and include an integrated restraints system to prevent minimal sideways movement. Constrainer kits are exceptional useful for installing under bins, silos and, in this, in custom applications. They can be supplied for new… Read More