Pallet Scales Hired in Melbourne for Stocktaking Large Parts

2015-08-26T13:09:04+00:00 26th August 2015|

Seven pallet scales were recently hired to a Melbourne vehicle body-building company for their stocktake. Each pallet scale was connected to an FC-i counting scale, allowing this customer to count large and bulky, palletised stock items as well as smaller pieces on the FC-i counting scale itself. Read More

Counting Scale Combination Hired by International Car Manufacturer

2015-02-09T16:05:06+00:00 9th February 2015|

A counting scale with a remote 3 tonne capacity pallet scale was hired to a car manufacturer in Melbourne for stocktake counting. The A&D Weighing counting scale, with a maximum capacity of 20kg, was a model that allowed a second weighing platform can be of any size and maximum capacity, but in this hire instance was the pallet scale. Read More