Top 5 Advantages Of A Weighing In Motion Weighbridge

2017-09-28T15:31:35+00:00 28th September 2017|

Weighing in motion weighbridges (WIM) don’t require vehicles to stop when they need weighing, they simply continue to drive at a reduced speed and the measurements are taken and the data recorded – instantly and accurately. These weighing in motion weighbridges have become a first-choice weighing solution for many industries including transport, waste, forestry, agriculture, demolition and excavation, port operations, construction and mining. Their popularity has come about through the s… Read More

Installing a weighbridge?  Consider the differences between surface and pit types

2017-09-12T15:30:30+00:00 12th September 2017|

Weighbridges are used to weigh vehicle loads – usually to calculate payment for goods or loads that are supplied or delivered – and they’re an essential asset for many different types of organisations across the spectrum of industry. However, they come at a price and have to be sufficiently durable to maintain accuracy and reliability over the long-term – even in harsh conditions, so before making any capital investment, it is important to understand the different types of we… Read More

Five real reasons why your business needs a weighbridge

2017-09-08T15:29:38+00:00 8th September 2017|

A weighbridge is much more than a device that measures how heavy a truck’s load is.  Modern weighbridges are critical control points on any site and provide a multitude of benefits including improved traffic flow, reduced bottlenecks, enhanced site security, cost savings and improved workplace safety. Let’s look at five of the most important reasons why businesses need a weighbridge. Compliance Fines and penalties for incorrectly loaded vehicles are an unnecessary waste of money.  A weighb… Read More

Why Hire A Portable Weighbridge?

2019-05-03T13:01:53+00:00 4th September 2017|

Portable weighbridges have been proven to be very effective in many different industries and situations and particularly in remote locations, areas which aren’t suitable for the pouring of a concrete slab as well as on temporary sites. More and more companies are not only discovering the advantage of portable weighbridges, they’re also learning that it can sometimes be more cost-effective to hire these systems rather than purchase them outright. Here’s a brief overview of some of the key b… Read More