12M Steel Deck Weighbridge Installed for Gold Coast Waste Recycler

2014-11-11T23:40:48+00:00 11th November 2014|


A 12m long by 3m wide full in-ground, steel deck weighbridge was recently installed by AccuWeigh Queensland for a waste recycler’s waste transfer station at Molendinar on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The waste recycler specialises in collecting and recycling construction materials such as timber, aggregate, rubble, asphalt, bricks, electrical wires, cardboard, plasterboard, paper, dirt, plastics, concrete and metals, all materials typically generated by construction, demolition and site clean-up activities.

A fully in-ground weighbridge was chosen by this customer to minimise the loss of area of the site to the weighbridge. In-ground pit weighbridges do not require ramps to access its driving surface nor side access to the load cells.

A full steel deck weighbridge was chosen as a generally less expensive alternative to a concrete and steel deck weighbridge which requires a deeper installation pit to be excavated. The steel deck weighbridge is also suited more to low traffic volume sites and to sites that have the potential to relocate at semi-regular intervals.

At 12m long, this weighbridge is suited to weighing rigid type vehicles. Longer steel deck weighbridges are also available to suit longer vehicles and articulated vehicles.

AccuWeigh is one of the largest weighbridge suppliers in Australia, including steel deck weighbridges.