Actualise your commercial goals with AccuWeigh

Established in 1992, AccuWeigh is a leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of industrial weighing equipment, weighing systems and automated wheel washes, with branches in every mainland state.

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From launch to the present day, AccuWeigh has established and maintained a reputation for providing great service and quality, technologically advanced equipment to its customers.

As both a manufacturer of and an agent for a number of the world’s leading weighing equipment manufacturers, AccuWeigh can source solutions from the greatest range of weight measurement and wheel wash systems available.

From off-the-shelf weighing equipment, such as scales and balances, to fully customised turn-key weighing systems, AccuWeigh can meet your demands for products that deliver on price, functionality, quality, reliability, safety, durability and performance.

Regardless of what type of weighing instruments you need, AccuWeigh is here to help. Our comprehensive range of commercial and industrial weighing equipment can be engineered to form a complete made-to measure solution for any application, which can then be supported by skilled technical teams located in every mainland state.

At AccuWeigh, we understand that weighing must provide so much more than just isolated weight data. In fact, the effective use of weight data can generate important commercial benefits, particularly when integrated in real time into operational and manufacturing processes, such as:

  • Trading
  • Counting
  • Inventory Control
  • Payload Control
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Batching

For these reasons, AccuWeigh supplies and configures a range of fully programmable weighing terminals and software that provide customers with custom weighing functionality, data handling capabilities and high-level process controls tailored to their exact requirements.

  • Filling Control
  • Checkweighing
  • Quality Control
  • Regulatory Compliance

Setting new standards in industrial weighing, measurement and control

Since establishment, a set of clear and consistent values have been an integral part of AccuWeigh’s DNA. These values continue to play an important role in differentiating AccuWeigh from our competitors and are instrumental in our continued growth and success.

We are driven by the continuous improvement of our people, processes and operations; heavy investment in training and technology; and constant innovation.

It’s for these reasons that AccuWeigh is renowned for embracing and driving innovation within the industry, including:

  • The development of digital load cells
  • The integration of interfaces for efficient data transfer
  • Enhanced security through the legal traceability of scale values
  • Improvements in equipment durability to provide maximum protection against hazardous conditions, extreme weather and rough usage
  • Wireless technology that enables unmanned weighing systems