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Wheel Wash FAQ

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Wheel Wash FAQ

Are wheel and tyre wash systems all the same?

No, they are not, in fact they vary considerably from manufacturer to manufacturer. Unlike most others, every model in the AccuWash range is designed and built to meet the customer’s expectation and to match the specific purpose and intended use.

Is a full time operator needed at the wheel and tyre wash?

No, every model in the AccuWash range is fully self contained and is automatically activated by the vehicle as it enters the wash zone.

Is a different model wheel and tyre wash system needed for trucks and passenger vehicles?

No, all AccuWash wheel washing systems will accept both types of vehicles up to the maximum capacity of the relevant model.

Are there wheel and tyre wash systems that can be moved to different locations?

Yes, all AccuWash wheel and tyre wash systems can be easily relocated after preparing a suitable pad for vehicle access.

Is fresh town water needed in the wheel and tyre wash?

No, all AccuWash systems will operate normally on recycled water which may be topped up with recycled or rain water.

Is it necessary to shut down the automatic wheel and tyre wash system to clean out the mud and gravel?

No, the automatic AccuWash models are fitted with a scraper conveyor that collects material on the bottom of the wash tank and delivers it automatically to a bin at ground level without interrupting the wash and with no loss of water.

How long does it take for each wheel and tyre wash cycle?

The AccuWash wheel and tyre wash systems are designed for drive-through operation. A typical truck can complete a full wash cycle in 20 to 30 seconds.

Why are vehicles required to drive over a metal grid?

AccuWash systems are fitted with a heavy duty grid in the wash zone, consisting of several rows of welded steel angle. The purpose of this process is to distort tyre treads as the vehicles pass over the grid to assist in releasing soil, sand, mud and gravel.

How long does it take to install a wheel and tyre wash system?

Any AccuWash wheel and tyre wash system can be installed in one day after the necessary civil preparations are complete.

Can the wheel and tyre wash system be modified to also wash underchassis areas automatically?

The AccuWash automatic models have a standard under-chassis spray program which activates once the vehicle has entered the wash zone. This standard option can activate automatically or be manually switched on and off.

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