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Weigh Feeders & Loss in Weight Feeders

designed to maintain a

pre-determined flow rate of product

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Weigh Feeders & Loss in Weight Feeders

Weigh feeders (sometimes called continuous weigh feeders) are designed to maintain a pre-determined flow rate of product, usually onto a conveyor belt, and eliminate over-supply of product to other systems down the line, or simply to provide traceability of product over any given time. loss in weight feeders are designed to achieve a pre-determined discharge rate out of a weigh hopper which is mounted on load cells.

Any type of product feeding method can be used with weigh feeders and loss in weight feeders, although conveyors or augers are typically used due to their higher accuracy in dosing product compared to other feeding methods.

In many respects, the heart of a weigh feeder or loss in weight feeder system is not the load cells or weighing mechanism themselves, as these are common to all types of weighing systems - but it is the digital integrator fitted with purpose-specific software that measures the flow of product and controls the flow by controlling product feed mechanisms.


  • Quarry, sand and gravel
  • Chemical
  • Wheat and grain
  • Livestock feeds
  • Mining and minerals


  • Highly accurate and reliable design
  • AC gear motor
  • Low profile design
  • Fully enclosed option
  • Dust tight version
  • Self aligning and tensioning weighbelt

Note that features vary from design to design and are typically application-specific.

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