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Wheel Weighers & Axle Weigh Pads

portable scales designed for

weighing individual wheels

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AccuWeigh’s wheel weighers (also known as axle weigh pads, truck axle scales or wheel pad scales) are sure to improve your operational efficiency, effectiveness and compliance.

Wheel weighers are portable scales designed to weigh individual wheels and axles, ensuring compliance with legal weight limits.

Typically light-weight, low-profile and constructed of aluminium, wheel weighers are very compact. This means that they can be easily transported in the boot of a vehicle and carried by the average person, making them truly portable. Simply position them on any stable, flat, level surface and begin weighing immediately.

The accuracy of wheel weighers is highly dependent on having all wheels level and in the same plane to avoid inadvertent weight transfer.


AccuWeigh’s range of flexible wheel weighers offer myriad applications, including:

  • Weight enforcement
  • On-site weighing
  • Portable weighing
  • Trailer weighing
  • Special weighing configurations


Focused on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operation, our wheel weighers offer:

  • Rugged, durable design that can endure accidental tyre overrun at all points, including the digital display area
  • Aluminium construction that guarantees lightness, as well as the ability to perform in even the harshest conditions
  • A low-profile for easy transportation and handling
  • Digital electronics provide fast, accurate, easy to read weigh indicator
  • Self-contained composition with the weight display integrated in to the wheel pad
  • Connectivity for up to six wheel weighers, enabling both individual wheel weights and combined axle group weights in a single weighing transaction for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • Specially designed non-slip rubber applied to the underside to ensure sound grip on all types of surfaces

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If you require more than just a simple weighbridge, AccuWeigh is here to help. Our comprehensive range of weighbridge accessories and software can be engineered to form a complete made-to-measure weighbridge solution for any site.

Our weighbridge solutions don’t stop there. Whether you need testing or calibration to ensure accuracy, servicing to keep your scales in top-notch working order, or you want to upgrade your cells, our expert team can assist with a full weighbridge support and calibration service.


A number of factors should be considered when selecting your weighbridge, from maximum vehicle weights and sizes, through to traffic flow, available space, use, and budget.

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