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AccuWeigh’s robust, reliable weighing systems improve operational productivity, cost efficiency and regulatory compliance.

For thirty years, AccuWeigh has designed and commissioned over 1,000 weighbridges of all sizes and capacities throughout Australia. Our weighbridges and truck scales provide accurate, consistent measurement data that enables you to safely load vehicles to maximum capacity, avoid overloading fines, and streamline your operations. Plus, all our products can meet the NMI’s legal-for-trade weighing requirements.

AccuWeigh provides turn-key weighbridge solutions for any vehicle weighing application to not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.


As thousands of satisfied customers will testify, AccuWeigh offers:
  • Turn-key, bespoke weighbridges to suit all sites and applications, including:
  • Extremely durable weighbridges, engineered to last the test of time in even the harshest environments:
    • Built to Australian Standards
    • Durable concrete or steel deck fabrication options
    • Robust and reliable weight sensors and superior quality manufacturing
    • All backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Designs that limit deflection and provide overload protection in deck strength and load cell capacity. Each load cell comfortably withstands its share of deck weight, vehicle weight, axle ‘roll over’ loading, off centre loading allowance, and dynamic loading

  • An unrivalled capacity to rapidly respond to client needs, keeping your downtime to the absolute minimum:
    • Service centres in every mainland state
    • Highly qualified and experienced weighbridge crews
    • Fully equipped weighbridge test trucks
    • A huge range of replacement parts always on-hand
  • A Quality Management System that sets the industry standard for excellence in design, construction, installation and servicing of weighbridges


If you require more than just a simple weighbridge, AccuWeigh is here to help. Our comprehensive range of software can be engineered to form a complete made-to-measure weighbridge solution for any site.

Our weighbridge solutions don’t stop there. Whether you need testing or calibration to ensure accuracy, servicing to keep your scales in top-notch working order, or you want to upgrade your cells, our expert team can assist with a full weighbridge support and calibration service.

Selecting the right weighbridge for your application

A number of factors should be considered when selecting your weighbridge – including maximum vehicle weights and sizes, traffic flow, available space, use, and budget.

Download our Definitive Weighbridge Buyers Guide.

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