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Weighbridge Servicing, Testing & Maintenance

Weighbridge load cells, pendle pins and mounting cups do require movement to function correctly, which means they will be subject to wear and tear and will require regular maintenance.

Most modern weighbridge load cells are based on the rocker pin design, allowing the load cell to freely rock back and forth to a maximum of approximately 5-8 degrees. This rocking clearance is necessary to allow for expansion and contraction of the weighbridge deck caused by temperature changes and for inherent weighbridge movements caused by trucks stopping and starting on the weighbridge.

The load cell tilt is regulated by the total weighbridge movement, which is only set by adjustable physical stops usually fitted to the ends of the weighbridge. These end stops need regular adjustment due to seasonal temperature variations that can significantly affect end stop clearances.

Weighbridges expand in length during the hotter months and the end stop clearances are increased to prevent weighing errors. Conversely during the cooler months as the weighbridge shrinks, the end stops need adjusting to prevent excessive weighbridge end movements. End stops need to be adjusted correctly to avoid a shortening of load cell life expectancy.

Heavy braking and excessive acceleration of trucks can damage the end stop hardware, resulting in increased weighbridge end clearances. Speed humps fitted to the weighbridge approaches can significantly reduce truck speeds and resulting load cell damage.

The hardened steel cups fitted to the top and bottom of load cells and the load cell pendles need to be inspected regularly for damage caused by excessive loadings and excessive weighbridge movement. The entry of dust and dirt into the cups can form a grinding paste when mixed with the grease and quickly render both the cups and load cell inoperable.

AccuWeigh's branches have weighbridge crews and test trucks stationed in all mainland states, providing regular weighbridge testing, weighbridge calibration, service and maintenance to all brands and types of weighbridges.

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