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Weighbridge Relocations

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Weighbridge Relocations

Purchasing a weighbridge is usually a capital expense and requires various levels of approval to proceed, but relocating an existing weighbridge from one site to another can usually be done quickly and easily. On most weighbridge types, a major portion of the overall weighbridge cost is in the construction of the weighbridge deck plus the load cells - and if these items are in an operational condition, there is no reason why a weighbridge relocation can't be a very cost effective alternative to purchasing a new weighbridge.

An above-ground weighbridge deck is the easiest to move, but both semi-pit and in-ground weighbridge decks can also be relocated. AccuWeigh can provide a complete turn-key project to relocate a weighbridge. We will take care of everything from providing new drawings based on the original weighbridge deck design to allow new foundations and approach/departure ramps, to transportation of the weighbridge deck to the new site.

If the original weighbridge deck wasn't long enough to cope with the ever increasing truck and trailer lengths, then it's also possible to extend the weighbridge by adding a new weighbridge deck to one end of the existing weighbridge deck to allow B Doubles and even road trains to be weighed.

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