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Scales & Weighing Systems for Waste Management

Our systems take into account

vehicle incline, lift speeds & off-centre loading

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Scales and Weighing Systems for Waste Management

AccuWeigh is a technological leader in weighing solutions in Australia and New Zealand for the waste industry. AccuWeigh has long been a supplier of traditional weighing solutions such as weighbridges, axle weighers and wheel weighers which weigh waste in bulk.

The waste industry is now slowly moving towards a user pays system in which individual loads will be weighed as they are loaded, rather than being charged by volume. AccuWeigh has several onboard vehicle weighing solutions which can meet this need, as well as several dynamic weighing systems which take in to account vehicle incline, varying lift speeds and off-centre loading. Dynamic weighing solutions are especially useful for waste bin collection systems.

AccuWeigh's onboard vehicle weighing solutions suit all types of waste collection vehicles including skip bin trucks, hook trucks, rigid and articulated vehicles, tippers, front loaders, side loaders and rear loaders.

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