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Scales & Weighing Systems for Transport & Freight

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Scales and Weighing Systems for Transport & Freight

AccuWeigh provides a number of weighing and management solutions for the transport and freight industries. From simple vehicle weighing using weighbridges, axle weighers, wheel weighers, weigh-in-motion systems and onboard weighing systems, to management systems such as driver control stations and software systems, AccuWeigh has it covered.

The transport and freight industries have a vested interest in correct loading of vehicles for various reasons, including optimising loads so no vehicle is under-loaded and ensuring axle loads and overall vehicle load are within legal limits for compliant road use, to meet duty of care legislation towards their vehicle drivers, and to meet chain of responsibility legislation towards all interested parties in the supply chain.

Another important consideration for the transport and freight industries is minimising the time that vehicles spend on site. Not only is this a safety concern, it's a simple financial imperative as well, as time is money. AccuWeigh has many static and dynamic weighing solutions that are fast, responsive, accurate, and extremely good on connectivity to other third-party systems or to AccuWeigh's comprehensive range of peripherals and supporting systems.

New Certified Container Weights Legislation from 1st July 2016

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