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Equipment Hire

AccuWeigh is able to hire out any of our extensive range of products. We can help you with short term contracts, long term projects, breakdown coverage, renovation coverage, trialling of equipment or processes and more. Some of our most frequently hired products can be seen below.

Food metal detection systems for hire

Food metal detection systems are available for hire from eight AccuWeigh branches across Australia. Hiring a food metal detection system minimises the financial impact on supermarket suppliers now required to comply with increased quality control standards.

Recent changes to supermarket qc standards now mandate for 100% inspection for both weight compliance and metal foreign objects for all “home” branded products. AccuWeigh can help supermarket suppliers comply with these recently introduced requirements with our comprehensive metal detection system hire packages to alleviate the need for capital expenditure.

Portable weighbridge for hire from AccuWeigh

Portable steel deck weighbridges are available for both short term and long term hire from AccuWeigh branches across Australia. AccuWeigh’s hire weighbridges are fully galvanised for superior corrosion resistance in the harsh Australian environment. The modular design of AccuWeigh’s hire weighbridges makes them ideal for portable use as they can be easily disassembled and transported without the need for large cranes or wide load vehicles. The length of the weighbridge deck can be easily extended at a later time by simply adding other deck sections to achieve the required deck length.

Stocktake & counting scales for hire

AccuWeigh has hire scales and counting scales available for hire and stocktake uses. AccuWeigh can deliver hire scales and counting scales to your premises to increase both the accuracy and efficiency of your stocktake. Counting scales, test weights, scales and weighing equipment are all available for hire at very competitive rates for both short term scale hire and long term scale hire.