Weighbridge Load Cell Upgrades In Progress
Weighbridge Load Cell Upgrades In Progress

Weighbridge Load Cells were recently upgraded on four x 250t capacity weighbridges at the Blue Scope Steel site in Port Kembla, New South Wales. Supplied and fitted by Accuweigh’s Lansvale Branch in Sydney, the Weighbridge Load Cells were upgraded due to the unavailability of spare load cells from the previous load cell supplier.

The Weighbridge Load Cell Upgrades were performed for Harsco Metals who have the contract to transport/handle all scrap metal within this Blue Scope site. Each of the four weighbridges uses a twin deck design requiring eight Weighbridge Load Cells between the two decks. 
The ACCUCELL by Accuweigh was used in the weighbridge upgrade with 32 x 50t capacity load cells fitted across the eight weighbridge decks for a total capacity of 400t per twin deck weighbridge. This Heavy Duty Load Cell is ideal for all weighbridge retrofit applications due to its low profile design which allows it to be considered as a replacement cell for not only electronic weighbridges but for also for full conversions of older mechanical base works and also use in large capacity weigh hoppers and silos.

The ACCUCELL incorporates anti rotational mechanisms to ensure that the Load Cell never rotates from its intended alignment, which can cause issues such as weighing errors and even result in significant load cell damage. Boasting the latest in analog load cell technology, this stainless steel, hermetically sealed, IP68 canister load cell represents excellent value for money.
Importantly, the cells are readily available from eight Accuweigh branches throughout Australia. Accuweigh are the complete weighbridge experts from fabrication through to installation, service, testing and ongoing weighbridge maintenance, including Weighbridge Load Cell Upgrades.