Unattended Weighbridge Terminal
Unattended Weighbridge Terminal

An Unattended Weighbridge Terminal was recently commissioned at SITA’s transfer station in Sydney’s inner suburb of Alexandria. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the Unattended Weighbridge Terminal eliminates the need for an on-site weighbridge operator to perform weighing duties.

Unattended Weighbridge Terminals are designed to allow drivers to perform weighing duties after only receiving basic training. To minimise data entry requirements, an integrated Dallas Tag Reader automatically uploads truck/supplier details stored on the Dallas Tags that are allocated to each individual truck.

Accuweigh’s Unattended Weighbridge Terminals are contained in a stainless steel housing which is suited for use in external weighing applications. Both the digital weight indicator and the Weighbridge Data Terminal carry a waterproof rating of IP65 and are panel mounted into the enclosure. An internal ticket printer issues weight tickets to drivers through an external ticket delivery chute.

Accuweigh’s Unattended Weighbridges are based on the Accuweigh IT9000 Intelligent Weighing Terminal which carries full approvals for use in Trade Weighing applications. The IT9000 is a fully programmable using a Linux operating system to allow it to be configured to operate as a Driver Control Station without the need for an attached PC.
The Unattended Weighbridge Terminal was installed during the commissioning of the steel deck weighbridge also supplied by Accuweigh.  A large digit remote display was mounted above the Weighbridge Terminal to allow drivers and other staff to see vehicle weights on entry to the facility.

Accuweigh’s extensive industry experience will ensure we can provide a very cost effective solution for all weighbridges applications requiring an Unattended Weighbridge Terminal. With Superior Product Support available from eight branches across Australia, Accuweigh should be your first choice service provider for all weighing requirements.