Service Technician with Platform Scales
Service Technician with Platform Scales

Two sets of platform scales were recently supplied by Accuweigh for use in filling bulka bags with hay. Dual Avery A500 galvanised platform scales were used in this bagging application with both platform scales connected to a single digital weight indicator for cost effectiveness.

SP Hay at Paskeville on SA’s Yorke Peninsula bought the 1200 x 1200 mm platform scales and fitted their own metal framework to hold the bulka bags in position. The single Rinstrum 5100 batching indicator is connected to both platform scales and the operator uses a simple switch to select the platform scale the hay is to be loaded onto while the filled bag is removed.

The client fitted their own external start and stop buttons and the relays required to operate the feed mechanism.

SP Hay was a small hay exporting company started by Stuart Price, his parents, cousins and next door neighbour founded. With the advice and support of Hood Sweeney founding partner Graham Sweeney, that small company grew rapidly and is today one of the largest Australian exporters of hay to Japan.


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