Onboard Weighing System
Onboard Weighing System

An onboard Weighing System was recently fitted to a cement tanker in Queensland. Supplied and fitted by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the Onboard Weighing System monitors the filling of the tanker to prevent overfilling.

As the driver is usually on top of the tanker during the manual filling process, the Onboard Weighing System operates an alarm to warn when the tanker is nearing capacity. The audible alarm ensures the driver has adequate time to stop the filling process before the tanker is accidentally overfilled.

Accuweigh’s TruckWeigh Onboard Weighing System used on this application comprises two different sensor technologies:
  1. Air bag pressure sensors fitted to the prime mover’s suspension
  2. Highly sensitive level sensors fitted to the leaf springs of the tanker’s suspension.
A bonus feature of Accuweigh’s Onboard Weighing System is that all calibration data is stored digitally onboard each vehicle component to allow trailers and prime movers to be readily interchanged. The digital weight indicator automatically uploads the required calibration data from the mating truck/trailer component(s) and then displays the correct weight readings of the combined units.

Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian distributor of the UK based PM ONBOARD – a leading manufacturer of onboard vehicle weighing systems. Accuweigh are the market leaders in onboard weighing technology and has eight branches across mainland states providing Superior Product Support.