Large Bag VFFS Packaging Machine
Large Bag VFFS Packaging Machine

A Large Bag VFFS was recently supplied for packaging large bags of grains and food products in country Victoria.

Supplied by Accuweigh’s Melbourne branch, the ESSE GI F1200 VFFS Packaging Machine is a very cost effective packaging solution and has been designed to work with several different types of films in 1200 mm widths. The F1200  VFFS is very flexible and can be fitted with either weighing or volumetric (dosing) input feed for packaging a diverse range of products such as: stockfeed, pet food, seeds, grains, fertilisers, mulch, bark and many others products.

Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian agent for the Italian manufactured F1200 large bag VFFS packaging machine which has many standout features that position this large bag VFFS packaging machine above the opposition. One standout feature that raises the Duty Of Care requirements is a hydraulic film reel lifting device that operates down to floor level that only requires the new film reel to be placed behind the machine.

Silently and swiftly, the ESSE GI VFFS lifts and locks the new reel firmly into operating position. No manual effort or external lifting devices are required to change the film reel which eliminates many potential OH&S problems. The F1200 VFFS is the result of extensive experience and ongoing research by ESSE GI and was designed to cater for the requirements of customers whilst maintaining a simplistic approach during design and construction to ensure a quality, feature rich VFFS machine with minimal maintenance needs.

Accuweigh/Budpak is Australia’s largest Weigh/Packaging company and has eight branches across mainland states providing Superior Product Support on all scales, weighing equipment and VFFS machines.