industrial platform scales
industrial platform scales

Industrial platform scales are being used to monitor the growth rates of citrus tree under varying watering conditions at the South Australia Research and Development Institute (SARDI) in South Australia. Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently installed the eight sets of industrial platform scales into a controlled growing environment with the citrus trees planted into large PVC pots.

The digital weight indicators fitted to the industrial scales are connected to a data logger which records the weights of the trees at set intervals of approx 10 minutes. The tree on each platform scale is supplied water at different rates and times of day with the logger producing graphs for comparing growth rates.

The platform scales and data logger are all powered by a combination of localised wind and solar power generators to eliminate the need for running lengthy power cables underground. SARDI will release the results of the watering profile experiments to citrus growers for use as a guide in utilising their water allocations to maximum potential.

Accuweigh’s A500 platform scales feature very heavy duty construction and are fully hot dip galvanised to eliminate potential corrosion caused by the regular watering processes. Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company providing sales and service support on platform scales through eight branches across Australia.


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