Heavy Duty Platform Scales
Heavy Duty Platform Scales

Heavy Duty Platform Scales were recently installed for a metals processing company in Melbourne’s Western suburbs.

The Heavy Duty Platform Scales are being used to accurately weight the volume of scrap metal at the end of each shift to highlight product wastage. 

Two Salter Prodeck heavy duty platform scales were supplied measuring 1.8 metres long by 1.2 metres wide and fitted with four 5t weigh bars for a total weighing capacities of 10t for each platform. Most platform scales are very susceptible to damage from external forces such as being bumped by a forklift or when heavy product is dragged over the weighing surface, but not so with the Prodeck platform scales which use patented weigh bars rather than standard loadcells.

The Avery Weightronix weigh bars are extremely resilient to damage and the Weigh Bars are usually fully operative even after the platform scale frame or deck has been nearly totally destroyed by external forces. These heavy duty platform scales were fully galvanised and installed during a weekend so as not to cause interruptions to the client’s production schedules.

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