Heavy Duty Platform Scales At Ford Australia
Heavy Duty Platform Scales At Ford Australia

A set of heavy duty platform scales was recently commissioned for Ford’s Geelong plant in Victoria for weighing shipments of parts delivered to the plant. The Platform Scales were custom manufactured with dimensions of 2.5 metres long by 1.5 metres wide and designed for heavy duty operation with a weighing capacity of 5 tonnes.

Supplied by Accuweigh’s Salter branch in Melbourne, the platform scales were linked to an existing counting scale to allow large bins of heavy components to be weighed and counted for stock control purposes. The platform scale was connected into an existing counting scale as a secondary scale input to allow the weight of product on the heavy duty platform scales to be referenced against the sample weights on the smaller scale base.

Sample items are placed onto the small counting scale and used to generate the Average Piece Weight (APW). The counting scale then compares the APW to the net weight of items placed on the Platform Scales to calculate the total number of items in the skids. The Salter Prodeck Platform Scales is ideal for this application due to its high weighing accuracy and extreme durability.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and manufactures Platform Scales of all types, styles and capacities. Accuweigh’s branches in all mainland states ensure local state based support is available for Platform Scales across Australia.


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