Drop Centre Platform Scale
Drop Centre Platform Scale

Accuweigh’s Brisbane branch recently supplied drop centre platform scales to Swift’s Meatworks at Dinmore for weighing cartons of meat. The drop centre platform scales were custom manufactured in stainless steel for food handling and to suit the washdown environment in the boning room.

Drop centre platform scales are usually used in weighing applications using pallet jacks to move heavy loads for weighing and where it is not feasible to use a pit mounted platform scale.  Drop centre platforms have a very low weighing deck with the load cells mounted in a raised ramparts around the perimeter of the platform scales. An attached ramp allows for easy access of the platform scales by pallet jacks.

The weighing functions of the platform scales are handled by a Rinstrum R423 stainless steel digital weight indicator with keyboard tare entry to allow the operator to enter the tare weight of the containers and/or the pallet jack so only the net weight of product is displayed.

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