Check Weighing Scales
Check Weighing Scales

Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently supplied two sets of heavy duty check weighing scales to Johnson Asahi joint venture plants to ensure correct weight of bales of hay and straw that is being exported.

Accuweigh’s heavy duty check weighing scales were custom manufactured to suit this specific check weighing application by Accuweigh’s Engineering Manager, Greg Brogan, based in the Port Adelaide branch.  Accuweigh’s check weighing scales provide high accuracy at a very reasonable price in this custom check weighing application.

An A&D Mercury 4404 high speed check weighing controller is panel mounted inside a custom cabinet that is fitted with large industrial control buttons for initiating and stopping the checking process. The weight of each bale is serially transmitted from the industrial checkweighing scales to a PC for logging and quality control processes.

Four heavy duty Kelba load cells with rubber mounts are fitted to the weigh frame to eliminate vibration from the conveyor line to ensure fast and accurate weight reading can be attained by the industrial checkweighing system.

J.T. Johnson & Sons is recognised as one of Australia's leading producers, marketers and distributors of compressed hay bale. All feedstuffs are prepared to meet the specific requirements of today's world markets and Johnson's were the first hay exporters in the world to ray bales during processing to detect potential foreign material in the hay. 

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing sales and service support on check weighing scales, inline checkweighers and industrial checkweighing systems.