Onboard Weighing Systems
Onboard Weighing Systems

Onboard Weighing Systems were recently fitted to four of the RTA’s line marketing vehicles in New South Walers. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Lansvale branch in Sydney, the Onboard Weighing Systems are being used to eliminate instances of accidental vehicle overloading.

For the RTA’s application, Accuweigh’s Onboard Weighing Systems utilise a single load cell fitted to the cross member of the front suspension combined with air pressure transducers fitted to the air bags utilised in the rear suspension. Both suspension units are tested and calibrated separately and in unison to ensure accurate weighing are achieved under all circumstances.

Accuweigh’s Trojan Onboard Weighing System is suitable for vehicles with single steer spring suspension and the front axle and air on the rear axle, as found on most Flat Tray, Hook Trucks, Skip Trucks and Tippers. Other Onboard Weighing Systems are also available utilising movement sensors to suit almost every other type of vehicle.

Onboard Weighing Systems are a highly desirable product for all companies seeking to avoid overloading fines and Accuweigh has the ability and determination to satisfy the market’s needs in all vehicle weighing applications. Accuweigh is the exclusive Australian distributor of the UK based PM Onboard range of Onboard Weighing Systems that are highly regarded thought all world markets.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches across mainland states providing Superior Product Support on all scales, weighing equipment and Onboard Weighing Systems.


Onboard Weighing Systems