Multi-Deck Weighbridge
Multi-Deck Weighbridge

A Multi-Deck Weighbridge was recently installed for the Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI) at their new Quarantine and Weighbridge Station site in Yamba, SA. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, the Multi-Deck comprised five independent weighing decks to allow Weighbridge Operators to readily identify overloaded axle groups.

Each individual Weighbridge deck is manufactured in a length to suit most common axle group spacings of trucks and trailers; comprising 2 x 5 metre, 2 x 8 metre and a single 10 metre long weighbridge section. All Weighbridge decks are positioned end-to-end for an overall weighbridge length of 36 metres.

This Australian Made multi-deck weighbridge was manufactured to suit DTEI’s specific requirements with all fabrication done at Accuweigh’s QWM Weighbridge manufacturing facility located in Brisbane, Queensland. The turnkey installation of the trade certified, Multi-Deck Weighbridge also included all civils works.

Six large digit Weighbridge remote displays were fitted to allow truck drivers to readily identify their individual axle group weights as well as their overall Gross Vehicle Mass. This Multi-Deck Weighbridge is exactly the same configuration as previous DTEI weighbridge installations at Stirling North, Blanchetown and Monteith checking stations.

Accuweigh weighbridges are designed to withstand the stresses of weighing modern vehicles with our designs limiting deflection and providing overload protection in deck strength and load cell capacity. Each load cell comfortably withstands its share of deck weight, vehicle weight, axle “roll over” loading, off centre loading allowance and dynamic loading.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of Weighbridges and has eight branches across mainland states providing Superior Product Support on all scales and weighing equipment.


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