Weighbridge Testing
Weighbridge Testing

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and specializes in weighbridge testing, service and calibration.

Accuweigh’s QWM branch performed weighbridge testing on two weighbridges located at the New Acland mine site near Oakey, 150km west of Brisbane.

The weighbridge testing was required to verify the weighing accuracy of the dual weighbridges that are used to receive coal from the nearby open cut coal mine. Once weighed on the weighbridge, the coal is then loaded into trains for transport to the Port of Brisbane.

There are two heavy duty QWM weighbridges; one is 20 metres long and the other is 28 metres, which are fitted end-to-end to allow road trains to be weighed in a single weighing transaction. The weighbridges are testing at regular intervals to ensure high weighing accuracy is maintained so the company can rely on accurate reporting of stockpiled coal awaiting loading.

Both weighbridges use multiple Schenck RTN33t weighbridge loadcells that are constructed fully in stainless steel to minimize corrosion caused by the aggressive coal dust on the mating hardened surfaces.

Accuweigh has branches in all mainland states with their own weighbridge test units for performing weighbridge testing, service and certifications.