Accuweigh is Australia's largest supplier of weighbridges and truck scales and has installed and commissioned over 1000 weighbridges of all sizes and capacities throughout Australia.

Accuweigh's weighbridges are available to suit all sites, including: above-ground weighbridges, as either concrete deck weighbridges or metal deck weighbridges. Accuweigh also produces portable weighbridges, axle weighbridges and in-motion axle weighbridges to client requirements.

Accuweigh has fully trained weighbridge crews and weighbridge test trucks located in all mainland states providing after sales service support on weighbridges of all brands and weighing capacities.

Digital Weighbridge Load Cell
Weighbridges - Digital Systems
Digital weighbridge systems are available complementing Accuweigh's range of industry leading weighbridges using analog load cells and weighing electronics.
Weighbridge - Single Deck
Weighbridges - Single Deck
Single deck weighbridges are used for weighing rigid trucks and semi-trailers with weighbridge deck lengths varying from 9 metres up to 20 metres.
Twin Deck Weighbridges
Weighbridges - Twin Decks
Twin deck weighbridges usually consist of two single deck weighbridges placed end to end to achieve the required overall weighbridge length.
Multi-Deck Weighbridge
Weighbridges - Multi-Decks
Multi-deck weighbridges have multiple weighbridge decks installed end to end to allow B Doubles and Road trains to be weighed in a single weighing transaction.
Pit Weighbridges
Pit Weighbridges
Pit Weighbridges and Semi-Pit Weighbridges have their foundations below ground level for the weighing deck to be flush with the surrounding ground/hardstand.
Public Weighbridges
Public Weighbridges
A Public Weighbridge is a weighbridge licensed to provide a weighing service to the public in return for a fee.
Portable Weighbridges
Weighbridges - Portable Steel Decks
Portable weighbridges are typically modular steel constructions with a steel weighing deck. Portable weighbridges are constructed to enable easy relocation.
Rail Weighbridges
Rail Weighbridges
Rail weighbridges are purpose built to weigh rail locomotives and rail wagons.
Axle Weighbridges
Axle Weighbridges & Truck Axle Scales
Axle weighbridges and truck axle scales are designed for weighing single axles at a time, but larger axle weighbridges can weigh entire axle groups.


Hire Weighbridges
January 17, 2014
A portable steel deck Weighbridge was recently Hired from Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch for weighing shipping containers containing ore for sea freight. The Hire Weighbridge is used to ... More.

In-Ground Weighbridge
October 04, 2013
An In-Ground Weighbridge was recently installed into a narrow concrete apron for a waste management company at Hervey Bay in Queensland. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, an ... More.

Split Weighbridge
September 27, 2013
A Heavy Duty Weighbridge measuring forty metres in length eliminated potential weighing inaccuracies at Viterra’s Gladstone Terminal site in South Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port ... More.

Semi-Pit Weighbridge
September 26, 2013
A Semi-Pit weighbridge was custom engineered to minimise land usage at a hazardous waste treatment facility in Western Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Willetton branch in Perth, ... More.

Concrete Deck Weighbridges
September 09, 2013
A Heavy Duty Weighbridge was recently commissioned for an aggregate and quarry products supplier in Moree, New South Wales. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the Heavy Duty ... More.

Weighbridge Remote Display
July 18, 2013
A Weighbridge Remote Display was recently upgraded to a high visibility LED model to increase reading visibility for truck drivers being weighed at Pacific Plantation’s weighbridge in ... More.

Weighbridge Service
July 10, 2013
Weighbridge Service Contracts have been won by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane for maintaining three existing Weighbridges owned by NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative Ltd. The Weighbridge ... More.

No End And End Weighing
June 21, 2013
The need for End And End Weighing of grain trucks that are longer than the available weighbridge has been eliminated by the installation of a new longer weighbridge for Viterra in Port ... More.

Public Weighbridge Certification
April 12, 2013
A Public Weighbridge at the Port of Brisbane was recently tested and certified for trade use by Accuweigh’s Geebung branch. Public Weighbridges are required to be tested and certified ... More.

Solar Powered Weighbridge.JPG
September 13, 2012
Security measures were improved on a South Australian Weighbridge to minimise future vandalism damage. ... More.


20m Semi-Pit Weighbridge
October 08, 2014
Accuweigh Queensland recently completed the construction, installation and commissioning of a 20m long by 3.5m wide semi-pit weighbridge on behalf of Carmichael Builders as part of the ... More.

Cattle Weighbridge
December 06, 2013
A Cattle Weighbridge was recently commissioned for weighing cattle for liveweight selling in South Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, this turnkey Cattle Weighbridge ... More.

Fully Digital Weighbridge
October 15, 2013
A fully Digital Quarry Weighbridge was recently commissioned for legally weighing triple road trains carting aggregate in Western Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Perth branch, the ... More.

Heavy Duty Weighbridges
July 29, 2013
A Heavy Duty Weighbridge was recently commissioned for weighting waste being received at a council landfill site in Queensland’s Darling Downs. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in ... More.

Single Deck Weighbridge
June 24, 2013
Vehicle axle weights are readily acquired for trucks entering a Single Deck Weighbridge at a waste facility in Gladstone, Queensland. Supplied and commissioned by Accuweigh’s Brisbane ... More.

Concrete Deck Weighbridges
May 10, 2013
A Concrete Deck Weighbridge required custom foundations as an installation pre-requisite at Viterra’s Apamurra site in South Australia. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, a ... More.

Multi-Deck Weighbridge
April 05, 2013
A Multi-Deck Weighbridge was recently commissioned in Western Australia under the Concessional Loading Bulk Products Scheme (CLBPS). Supplied by Accuweigh’s Perth branch, this Multi-Deck ... More.

Twin Deck Weighbridges
March 21, 2013
A Dual Deck Weighbridge was recently commissioned for weighing B-Triples and Double Road Trains transporting livestock to and from a feedlot operation. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch ... More.

IT9000E Intelligent Weighing Terminal
March 01, 2013
An Intelligent Weighing Terminal replaced a client’s PC based outload system at a quarry in South East Queensland. Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane supplied the Intelligent Weighing ... More.

Concrete Deck Weighbridge
May 02, 2012
A Concrete Deck Weighbridge was recently installed at a landfill site for a council in North Queensland. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the Concrete Deck Weighbridge is ... More.


February 09, 2012
"Accuweigh's Newcastle branch successfully completed the installation of an 18 metre long weighbridge in a professional and timely manner" - Murray Smith, Port Stephens Council. ... More.

Used Weighbridge
January 30, 2012
A Used Weighbridge was recently relocated to Boral’s Peats Ridge quarry in Gosford, on the New South Wales Central Coast. Installed by Accuweigh’s Beresfield branch in Newcastle, the Used ... More.

Extra Heavy Duty Weighbridges
January 16, 2012
A heavily reinforced Weighbridge was recently installed in Port Moresby for an Australian based concrete company. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the Weighbridge features ... More.

Weighbridge Foundation
August 12, 2011
An innovative steel foundation has been manufactured to allow concrete deck weighbridges to be easily relocated without the need for expensive and time consuming concrete civils works. ... More.

Weighbridge Load Cells
February 09, 2011
A weighbridge at the Tritton open cut copper mine in NSW was recently repaired by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch. ... More.

Weighbridge Testing
October 25, 2010
Accuweigh is Australia’s largest supplier of weighbridges and specializes in weighbridge testing, service and calibration. ... More.

Weighbridge Repair
October 04, 2010
Accuweigh’s QWM branch recently completed weighbridge repairs to a busy paper recycling plant in Brisbane. ... More.

Weighbridge Extension
August 10, 2010
Accuweigh’s Adelaide branch recently completed a Weighbridge Extension for Kimberley-Clark’s Tantanoola Pulp Mill. ... More.

April 06, 2010
An Accuweigh Weighbridge is being used for weighing trucks carrying cartons of mushrooms at the Adelaide Mushroom Farms at Monarto in South Australia. ... More.

Automated Weighbridge Systems
February 01, 2010
An Automated Weighbridge System was recently installed for weighing trucks at the JJ Richard’s plant in Stapylton, Queensland. ... More.