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Australia's largest supplier of

Weighing and product inspection equipment

Weighbridges, weighing equipment and product inspection equipment, Australia-wide

Accuweigh is proudly Australia's largest supplier of weighbridges, weighing equipment, and product inspection equipment. With an unparalleled range of weighing products and solutions, our expertise in design, development, implementation and servicing is also Australia’s best. With Accuweigh you will enjoy a consistently superior level of customer service, technology and quality, Australia wide.

Branches across Australia

From our beginnings in South Australia, AccuWeigh has expanded to include offices across Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Our strong presence across the nation means that our customers have access to our large range of quality weighbridge, weighing, and product inspection products, right within their home state. And with experienced technicians in every branch, we are also able to offer quick and convenient expert servicing. It's national expertise, locally delivered.

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